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  • Kensington Cares is a charitable initiative of Kensington Tours that supports education for disadvantaged children. Kensington Tours launched Kensington Cares to give back to the communities that share their beauty and culture with our guests.

    Kensington donates a portion of our proceeds to support education initiatives for marginalized children and communities. We encourage and enable Kensington Tours and clients who want to ‘leave a footprint‘ to also support the projects in the local communities.

    Our Vision

    Empower disadvantaged children with a quality education to help end the cycle of poverty and conflict.

    Our Mission

    Give caring individuals direct and personal opportunities to purchase school supplies, sponsor scholarships, and build rural schools.

    Our Guiding Principle

    Put every dollar to work (by leveraging leading-edge technology and in-country infrastructure).

    Kensington Cares